Lament for my Young Son (oil, 1985-86)

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Lament for my Young Son
(oil, 1985-86)

This was the only painting I did after my young son died. I managed to do a drawing in his likeness, as he looked in the hospital in Bayonne in the French Basque country. We had put little flowers in his beautiful Afro hair, a large leaf on his chest and a flower on his third eye. The only reason I am still alive and sane is that I saw him absolutely serene and peaceful on that road after the accident. He was gone and he looked as if he had been met in the Otherworld by loved ones. He communicated with me in dreams. In the background are the Pyrenee Mountains. My son rides a white mare as I saw him do only a week before his death – so pleased with himself and proud. Animals knew that he was a friend.

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