Child of the Mother-tree (mixed media, 1984)

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Child of the Mother-tree
(mixed media, 1984)

It only occurred. to me after I had finished this image that, of course, the roots of the tree, that we planted over my son’s ashes sewn into a little African drum, actually lives from him – that some of his spirit or life essence must in some way swell in that tree. I grew up in the north of Sweden with the great Taiga or pine forests that I love …. pine cones to play with, the bark of silver birch, moss-covered ground, boulders and rocks deep in the forests looking like huge trolls, the great silence of snow covered trees, the smell of pine sap in spring, the mushrooms of all sorts that grow there. We always knew that the forest is a Goddess, the Forestwoman or Huldra – She, the Silver Maiden.

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