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The original Monica Sjöö Retrospective was held at the Hotbath Gallery, Bath, from 28 January to 25 February 2004.

To navigate the exhibition, use the “next” and “previous” links at the top and bottom of each page. You will find that most images will, if clicked on, show you a larger version. From a larger image simply click on the “return” link below the image.

Please note: We hold no copyrights and can grant no permission to use any of Monica’s work. Nothing is, or can be, sold from this site.

This website was originally designed during Monica’s last illness; she wished for an online restrospective exhibition. Sadly, although she did see the planned design shortly before she died, Monica never saw the finished website.

We intend to maintain it as long as possible as a lasting tribute to Monica and her work.

This is not a commercial venture and prints/postcards are not available, We don’t hold the copyright to Monica’s work, that remains with her family. We have no wish to sell anything from the site, it is intended purely as a tribute. If you are looking to purchase prints, books or other products, please visit this website, which we believe to have been created by family and friends of Monica. There are also some prints and books available from the Green Woman Store.